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FCBD 14 Guest Spotlight - Mike Capprotti

Apr 17, 2014 posted by Level Up @ 3:16 pm 0 comments


We are very excited to be able to announce a new addition to our FCBD guest line-up: Mike Capprotti!


Mike Capprotti is a freelance illustrator best known for his work in comics and gaming. He has done illustrations for Collectible Card Games ranging from Fantasy Flight Game’s A Game of Thrones to Paizo’s Pathfinder and everywhere in between. He is also well known for his illustrated comic book covers like his collaborations with Rob Liefeld on titles like Deadpool, Cable and Deadpool Corps as well as his covers for Zenescope read more


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FCBD 14 Guest Spotlight - Bryan J.L. Glass

Apr 15, 2014 posted by Level Up @ 2:15 pm 0 comments


Bryan J.L. Glass is an accomplished and acclaimed comic book writer best known for his work on The Mice Templar, which netted him two Harvey Awards. Bryan's latest series, Furious, is about a woman who uses her superpowers as a way to redeem herself. Instead of using her alter-ego to protect her true identity, the reverse is true, where her disguise protects her alter-ego from her true identity's past. A wholy unique and compelling series, Furious is well worth the read.


We are thrilled to be able to welcome Bryan J.L. Glass back read more


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FCBD 14 Guest Spotlight - Mark Bellomo

Apr 14, 2014 posted by Level Up @ 3:09 pm 0 comments


Mark Bellomo is one of the top toy experts in the country, having written 100's of articles and dozens of books focusing on the following licensed properties: G.I. Joe, Transformers, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, and Marvel & DC Comics Super-Heroes.


An authority on action figures in particular, there is a long list of tomes he's penned over the past fifteen years. He also read more


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FCBD 14 Guest Spotlight - Unlikely Heroes Studios

Apr 11, 2014 posted by Level Up @ 1:22 pm 0 comments


Friends of the store, Unlikely Heroes Studios, are making their triumphant return to Free Comic Book Day this year! Not content to simply grace us with their talented presence, Unlikely Heroes Studios has also created our exclusive FCBD 2014 Limited Edition Print available only on May 3rd at our store and as a Kickstarter reward!


So, just who is the talent behind Unlikely Heroes Studios? For those of read more